International Basketball Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Structures within FIBA and the NBA

By Claire Zovko, Precise Advisory Group consultant A Federation Internationale de Basketball (“FIBA”) agent once mentioned the alarming statistic that 40% of international basketball player contracts are breached, primarily by the clubs.  FIBA is the international governing body of basketball worldwide and responsible to establish and enforce the rules concerning the practice of basketball.  FIBA.. read more →

Pilgrim, Zovko to teach Olympics Law Course in London during 2012 Olympics

MIAMI, July 23, 2012 – With days to go before the start of the  Summer Olympic Games in London, Jill Pilgrim, a sports lawyer and co-founder of Precise Advisory Group, and fellow attorney Claire Zovko are preparing their own unique perspective on the London Olympic Games. For three weeks in July and early August, Pilgrim.. read more →