Brazil’s amazing opportunity to benefit all through sport

By Ronald Carvalho and Jill Pilgrim With all eyes on Brazil for this month’s 2014 FIFA World Cup (and the Olympics in 2016), here is the latest post from Precise Advisory Group’s Ronald Carvalho and Jill Pilgrim. Ronald is based in Brazil and also shares some in-country perspectives and insights into the staging of his.. read more →

A rookie’s perspective from London — Part 2

Claire Zovko, a Precise Advisory Group consultant, recently returned from London where she co-taught with Jill Pilgrim (Precise Advisory Group founder) a class on The Olympic Games & The Law at University College London, on behalf of the University of Miami School of Law.  Zovko also was able to experience the Olympics in person for this first time. She’s had.. read more →

Pilgrim, Zovko to teach Olympics Law Course in London during 2012 Olympics

MIAMI, July 23, 2012 – With days to go before the start of the  Summer Olympic Games in London, Jill Pilgrim, a sports lawyer and co-founder of Precise Advisory Group, and fellow attorney Claire Zovko are preparing their own unique perspective on the London Olympic Games. For three weeks in July and early August, Pilgrim.. read more →

Let’s Take a Stand for our Olympic Champions Worldwide

Join the cause of Olympic Tickets for Ex-Olympians! Cast your vote below in support of Olympians worldwide.   It’s official!  This generation of human beings wins the prize for self-serving, “I want it now”, “it’s-all-about-me”, “I’m a VIP and you’re not” greedy behavior and attitudes. Not everyone on earth should be included in the above.. read more →

Why it wasn’t in Tarmoh’s interest to have a run-off of the 100m

By Jill Pilgrim I love track and field and it’s a shame that my beloved sport gets more attention from controversy than from acknowledgement of the amazing athletes that contest it.  Like every sport, we have our knuckle-heads and drug cheats but, in my humble opinion, the vast majority of athletes are trying to “play.. read more →